About Us...

Established in 1971, Scott Sails has built a reputation on high quality, long lasting sails and a service department that is second to none. We have constructed sails for boats ranging from small dinghies to eighty foot ocean racers. Our sails have won local regattas and the Newport to Bermuda race. They have driven cruisers over the Chesapeake Bay and to ports around the world. This translates into thousands of miles sailing and years of experience which ensures that your new sails are designed and constructed to the highest standards.

New Sails
Every sail we build is custom tailored to you and your boat. Whether you are replacing that old, tired main or adventuring down to the Caribbean, you can be assured that your sail by Scott Sails will be the best sail you can buy. All sails are designed and cut by our sophisticated computer design program and cutter. The panel layouts, shape files and construction details are based on years of hands on experience and computer aided stress maps. This experience results in a top quality sail tailored to your needs.

Future Goals
Our goal is to ensure that every customer is proud to say that their new sails were built by Scott Sails.

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